Attitude Is A Difference Maker

The word attitude is a very confusing, for example. when someone says you are giving me an attitude, you would just assume that it’s a negative attitude then what about positive attitude. If you are giving someone a positive attitude that person won’t say anything. Maybe people should also tell if we are giving them a positive attitude and they should be specific whether it a negative or positive attitude.

First lets define an attitude

Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by an outward behaviour

Now lets look where does attitude come from?

Personality – who you are, we are different even if we are brothers and sisters but we are different, our fingerprints are different.

Environment – what surrounds you, the environment you are exposed, to have an impact e.g. divorce or death

Expression of others – This is the expression from people around you, especially teachers when they make positive or negative comments.

Self-image – how you see yourself – poor self image or poor attitude work hand in hand

Exposure – to opportunities , attending courses/attending workshop and reading books

Association – associate with peers – wrong crowd, low moral character

Beliefs – what you think, thoughts you have shape your life

Choices – change inside, it is a choice – choose to be happy , decide what you need, choose friends or your husband or wife

Now lets look what attitude can not do for you

Someone would say attitude is only difference between success and failure, if you can believe, you can do it or make it happen, a dream alone can not bring success.

Your attitude can not substitute your competence – confidence is the function of attitude and competence is the function of ability.

Your attitude can not change facts for e.g you can not change your height

Attitude can not substitute your personal growth – stop waiting for the man you want to become and be the man you want to be right now.

Your attitude can not stay good automatically, you have to remind yourself that today I am going to have a great attitude, have friends who will remind you about your attitude.

What attitude can do for you

“I can not choose what is happening to me but I can choose what is happening in me”

Your attitude makes a difference in your approach to life (expect great things in life)

Your attitude makes a difference in your relationships with people. (how you perceive yourself) and you must have elevator principle – uplifting others and learning principle – learning from others

Your attitude makes a difference on how you face challenges in life. (in life there are challenges or problems and they are inevitable what does not kill you, makes you stronger)

Your attitude is the difference maker (how you see the world)

How to make your attitude your greatest asset

The attitude you possess, it is your responsibility and no one else’s, look where you are and look at yourself objectively.

Identify problem feelings about yourself

Where you feel most negative about yourself

Identify problem feeling about others

What negative thoughts consistently have in your mind – negative thoughts leads to negative beliefs.

“Do not let discouragement get inside of you, it will destroy you inside out, if you believe in yourself, see discouragement as temporary set back, you will bounce back”

Yes attitude is for sure a difference maker and success is waiting for you out there.

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