Not every closed door is locked

When I was working for Auditor-General in 2006, our major clients are government departments and my client was Dept of Provincial and Local Government, now is  called COGTA. On Friday afternoon, my manager called me and said that on Monday morning 9:00, we are going to have a meeting so I would like you to draft an agenda raising all the issues that you are experiencing about your client and I want it at 08:00 before the meeting.

I said okay, no problem, we were five members  in a team sharing the office and we had only one key for the office, so I chose one team member who will help me to draft the agenda and I told him that we should meet on Monday at 07:00 to draft the agenda and I gave him the key.

Come Monday, I arrived at office at 06:50 and door was closed, usually when there is someone in the office, we leave the door opened, because the door is closed, I assumed that my colleague has not arrived yet then I said let me give him ten minutes and I waited patiently. Now is 07:00, and I said because is Monday maybe there is traffic, let me give him another 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, there was no sign of him and I waited and waited, now I am getting angry at my colleague for not coming in on time and by 07:30 my blood was boiling, and now I was afraid that my manager is going to kill me, so I had every reason to be upset. I wrote a note, which I planned to slip under the door to let him know that I had been there earlier and I was going to the library to read newspapers.

I walked to the office door. While slipping the note under it, I heard the phone ring in the office. This angered me even more, thinking that my manager is calling during our absence. To my surprise I heard my colleague answering the phone and he had been there all along and had come to the office earlier than I. All the time I was waiting looking at the closed door, he had been inside waiting for me. The door was closed, but not locked! I learnt a crucial lesson that day: not every closed door is locked.

 “You will never know if the door is locked until you turn the handle”

“Please come in closed on account of weather”

How many opportunities have passed you because they presented as closed doors? You will never know if the door is locked until you turn the door handle

The doors of career, relationship may be closed on account of certain circumstances. Get closer to your situations and you may realize that they are not as critical as you may have thought.

“Things will never shift in favour until you make a move”

I went to a shopping mall recently and paid special attention to everything. As I approached the mall, it’s doors automatically slid open for me, and I repeated the experience. I then stood outside the mall for a while, watching people go in and out.

I noticed that the sliding doors were designed to stay closed. And they remained that way until you made a move towards them. I learnt another lesson that some things will never move in your favour until you make a move.

 “Never give up”

Joy, peace and prosperity await you on the other side of the door, If you belong there, true spirit will lead you there. Whatever was meant to be yours, will be! But it is required of you to have faith and stay focused.

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