Love what you do and do what you love

After passing my standard 10 from high school, I did not know which career path to take, so I went for career guidance at the University of Technology and when I arrived there, I wrote an assessment test through the computer, answering questions. After I have completed the assessment test, they marked my test and I was given a feed back and they told me that the career path that I should take is Marketing or Business Management Qualification, then I said no, I would go for Internal Auditing Qualification and I registered for Auditing, and studying it was very interesting.

When I graduated from University of Technology for Internal Audit Qualification, I was very happy, looking forward to the corporate world. I got the internship in 2004 and I was very happy for getting the experience, but while I was working, I asked myself a million dollar question, that do I really enjoy what I am doing inspecting documents? and I said yeah I do, I am an Auditor. I was in my internship for twelve months and during the first six months I was assessed for performance appraisal, my supervisor gave feedback and she was very honest with me, she told that Auditing was not for me and I disagreed with her and I told her that I love auditing. She said okay if you are sure that you love it then I will not inform the director to remove you.

After my internship, my contract was not extended and after two months I got another auditing job at Auditor-General which was a contract of five months while working I could feel that I am just working for paying the bills and inside I was not fulfilled and ask myself that am I going to do this job for rest of my life? Truly speaking I was not happy inside and I did not what would make me happy. People would ask what kind job are doing and I would say I am an Auditor proudly, but deep inside I am dying and confused.

I convinced myself that may be along the way I will enjoy auditing, Auditor-General did not extend my contract so I had to leave, on my last day at work which was Friday, I received an interview call from another auditing company called “Sithole Incorporated CA” and they told me to come immediately, then I packed my things and said goodbyes to everyone and I left with peace and I attended the interview which I was invited, when I arrived there, they called me to their boardroom and interviewed, on my way back from the interview, I received a phone call from the company that interviewed that I got the job and I should start on Monday and I was very excited about the news.

I worked for “Sithole Incorporated CA” for five months but it was a permanent position, I did not stay that long in that company because they did not comply with certain requirements then I applied for another job in my previous company which was Auditor General and they gave me a contract of six months and I worked for a period of six months after six months, they extended it to another six months and I worked for two and half year on a contract basis, but something was missing inside of me, I was not really happy or love the job I was doing. It was merely for the sake of paying the bills but there was no enjoyment in my heart.

I kept on asking myself what kind of career that I should do to find fulfillment and there was no answer and after two years of working for Auditor-General, I got a promotion at Department of Home Affairs, I was very excited and I bought a car, but my excitement did not last for so long, I became frustrated with my job, during the year 2008, one of my friends borrowed me the book, the title of the book was “The Secret” I read the book discovered that thoughts are things and it also talked about meditation if you are looking for answers.

I started to meditate every morning and I started to read more motivational and spiritual books, and I started to talk about motivational topics, telling my friends about thoughts and energy you send out that what you receive back. One day I told my partner that I want to change a career to become a motivational speaker and she was not even surprised, she told me that she has realized that these days I am talking about motivation and spiritual things, and she was very supportive.

After realizing that I want to become a motivational, I started to serve the internet, checking on how to become a motivational speaker, the first thing that I have discovered is an association called Toastmasters and that is where they teach about public speaking and leadership skills. I register with them, now I started to feel fulfilled and excited; and even now as I am writing this article I am fulfilled.

On my first day at toastmasters, I made my first speech I was voted the best speaker, that was the good sign for me, I realized that I love my new career, currently, I am practicing public speaking and I am also entering competitions within toastmaster, I can’t wait to build myself development company. I can say I love what doing and I am doing what I love, and I am fulfilled. I just have to be patient with myself in order to become the best motivational speaker, because if I am not patient with myself, I will become a patient.

Wisdom lies not in giving the right answers, but in asking the right questions.

I asked myself the following questions, which are generic in nature. Ponder over them and try to restructure them to suit your particular situation:

If I was not already doing it, would I start doing it today? Is there anything in my life that, knowing what I now know, I would not get into again today?

If I were a follower, would I follow me?

If I did not own it, why would I buy it? (If I did own it, why would someone buy it?)

Would I work for this person that I am interviewing?

Can I go home and be proud of this decision? Will I be happy with it in five years’ time?

What am I prepared to die for?

If I had everything and did not have to work to earn a living, but had to work to make a difference, what would my work be?

Why was I born?

Who am I?

What is my God-given talent?

What is it that I should not die without having done?

Every has got a gold inside, but we should take our time to find it.

“Fulfillment is in living for what you are prepared to die for”











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