How to love yourself unconditionally

Most of the times we want people around us to love us but we fail to love ourselves. We compare ourselves with other people around us and we look at ourselves with inferiority complex, we do not feel secure in our own mind. We always need other people’s approval before we can start doing something. But we forget that we have been created through God’s image, therefore we should see ourselves they way God sees us. Let us stop loving ourselves with conditions or limitations. God loves us therefore we love ourselves fully.

The following six steps will indicate how you much love yourself:


First of all, we have to accept that we are capable of love-pure, unconditional and selfless love. We have to express this kind of love in our life in order to live fully. Loving yourself start with the way you perceive yourself, you have to accept yourself the way you talk, walk and the way you look; when you look yourself in a mirror, say great things about yourself and kiss yourself if you have to.

If you do not feel good about yourself, then you won’t be able to feel good about other people and you will not treat yourself with dignity. You must be able to enjoy your own company, I do not mean to isolate yourself from other people but when you are alone enjoy it and fall in love with yourself.


You should know that thoughts are things, everything that you see around you, it started with a thought, it may be a chair, a car and even cloth that you are wearing. Be careful of how you thing every day, if you think positive or negative thoughts, they will affect you and you will act according to your thoughts; and your actions will create a character.

The universe responds the way we think, you will attract situations, circumstances and people in accordance with your thinking. Do not allow your mind to be an auto pilot, you must control your thoughts, when you feel sad, you should know that you are thinking negative thoughts.

Be careful of what you deposit in your mind, because you will withdraw what you have deposited. Improve your thoughts and improve your deeds. Thoughts shapes our world and designs our destiny, thoughts paves our path to prosperity or poverty; thoughts determines whether a person will be happy or unhappy.

To master your thoughts you set some time aside and meditate at least 10 minutes. When you are in trouble, do not stop to think, if you stop to think, you start to stink. If you are having negative thoughts all the time, you like someone who is drinking alcohol every time trying to ignore his/her problems.

Self-talk treasure your words

Words are spirits, therefore treasure your words, self talk is about saying great things to yourself; look yourself in the mirror and say I am awesome, I am unique, I am God’s image and I can achieve anything. If you are a student and you say that you can’t pass a particular subject, it is difficult, you are right because you will never pass it, you have confessed.

Sometimes our self talk is affected by our parents; parents would say to their children, you will amount to nothing and as a child you will believe that and look at yourself with inferiority; and that will affect yourself talk. Stop listening to yourself and talk to yourself to change your inner voice to positive.


We have to learn to forgive ourselves and forgive everyone else, especially those who have hurt us in the past. When we have made mistakes, we should learn from them and forgive ourselves. Learning to forgive is not a choice, it is a necessity.

When we forgive we free ourselves from pain and we will be able to move forward. Some people when they are hurt, they would say I would rather die before I forgive you, they usually do, they take their hurts to the grave. When you forgive someone, you release that person from your system and feel free.

We should live by the following steps:

Acknowledge that you are hurting.

Check if you do not have a share in the conflict, no matter how small. If there is any share forgive yourself.

Be thankful that the hurt you experiencing is not bigger than it is.

Choose to forgive.

Be committed to your choice by resisting any temptation to justify un-forgiveness.

Communicate and clear the air.

Pursue restoration-if nothing changes, don’t push it, it’s not your duty-release the person.

Let go of the past, move on and embrace the future.

“Remember that not every closed door is locked”

Goal setting

Setting a goal is a skill that one should develop during a life time. We should set goals that encourages us to stretch and become greater in every facet of our life, and that leads to increased satisfaction and fulfillment in both our profession and personal endeavors.

If you stop growing, you start dying, stagnation inhibits progress. During pursuing your goals there would obstacles and 80% of them they would come from within such as self sabotage or limiting thoughts to overcome that you should practice positive self talk and take action, the universe rewards those people who take action.

Time management

Time management is a skill that one should learn, time is money, all the money was made in a space of time then if you mis-manage time, you are mis-managing money. If you respect time, you will develop a good relationship with people around you. Identify your productive time is that time when you fruitful spend this time creatively.

“If life is lived in a space of time, then mis-managing time is mis-managing life”

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