Unleashing Your Full Potential

Do you know who  you are? most people do not know who they are and they undermine themselves. If someone has got an idea to start a business or recognises an opportunity, that person would say who am I to start a business immediately after that a negative thought comes out to support the statement that what if I fail and people would lough at me. Let me just forget about idea and live my life the way it is, secure and safe. That is where most people miss it because being in a habit zone, you will miss your passion and your wealth; and you will follow your pension which will lead you to your retirement. Now just think about it after sixty years of your life, would you tell people that you have enjoyed your life to the fullest because you were afraid to take risks and explore more opportunities.

Did you know that the most wealthiest spot on this planet is not the gold and diamond mine, it is the cemetery or graveyard around your local area. Those people who passed on died with God’s ideas and talents, they had dreams or goals that never came to pass such as songs that were never sung or books that were never written and visions that never became a reality.

Because some of those people made wrong decisions. They were hanging with wrong friends and some were involved in substance abuse; and some lived purposelessness life, therefore their potential remained buried.The worse enemy in your life is you, you are afraid of the potential that you have within you. We are responsible for the potential stored within us. We must learn to understand it and effectively use it. Success becomes our enemy as we settle for what we have, refuse to be satisfied with your last accomplishment, because potential never has a retirement plan.

One may ask, what is potential? Potential is dormant ability, reserved power, untapped strength, unused success, hidden talent and capped capability. In a nutshell, all you can be but have not yet become or all you can do but have not yet done. In other words what you have done is no longer your potential or what you have successfully accomplished is no longer your potential. Potential demands that you never settle for what you have accomplished.

We should know that we are holding seeds in our own hands, the truth of the matter is we are holding a forest in our hand, why? because in every seed there is a tree, and in every tree there is a fruit or flowers with seeds in them.

What would the world have lost if you had not been born? our teens are committing suicide, I wonder who they were supposed to be and what they were suppose to do that will never know. Have we lost great leaders? Remember that failure is not the absence of success. Failure is the neglect of trying. God packaged some things in you for the good of the world, use them, do not die with God’s things.

Everything in life was created with potential and possesses the potential principle. Creation abounds with potential because the creator himself is the potential principle. When we describe GOD, we often say he is omnipotent which means that GOD is always potent. Omni means always and potent means full of power therefore omnipotent means that GOD is potentially everything, everything comes from GOD.

You may have an idea about doing something and think that idea is yours, no it is not yours, it came from GOD who is the source of everything, so whatever that we think or do is not new. We are like God,we are pregnant with many things. God will not give an idea knowing that you can not do it. You will have to plan and God will guide you and you will have to start where you are. By taking action towards your idea, you prove to God that you have faith in him. God wants us to tap his power and use it, because God made us with potential.

Do you know who you are? surely you are not a junk. There are many people who are being passed by because others do not see what is in them and God sees something in you. Do not accept opinions of others because they do not see what God sees. May be you have been told that you will amount to nothing and you have begun to believe it; and you started to compete with other people, trying to prove that you are somebody and feel like nobody, be free from that today, you do not have to be somebody, because you are somebody and stop believing what others say about you.

Your potential needs responsibility, everything starts with a desire, you must have a desire first in order to change your life. Desire means to crave for something at the expense of losing everything. Everything in life starts in the thought form, then next step is an idea, an idea is the concept of the thought, it has moved into reality, ideas are potentials.

The third level of operation is what called imagination, imagination changes an idea into a plan, imagination is a plan that is not documented, it is a visual display of thoughts and ideas. Plans are documented imagination, if you document an imagination, you have developed a plan of action. If you have not documented your plan for the next five years, you do not know what is going in your life. If there is no vision in front of you to pull you on, you will be dragged back to the path you know well. Progress requires a plan of action, ideas must be put down if they are to influence the way we live.

What happened to real you? when a man puts a limit on what he can be, he has put a limit on what he will be. Remember when you were a child, you used to dream big dreams and sharing your ideas with your friends. But as you grow older, you start to doubt yourself and negativity takes over your life, and stopped dreaming and settle for less. You tell yourself that you are worthless, you do not deserve the best in your life or you were not meant to be rich because rich people are always mean. You always have negative thoughts and you believe in the impossibility, now you should know that Satan is there to destroy you, so come closer to God and seek his kingdom first.

Remember that there is no retirement in the bible, there are times when we get tired of our jobs, in fact, we get so tired that we look for retirement, God does not think like that. The thing God thinks is rest, why? because God knows you have eternity to go just like he does. The wealth of your potential is so rich, it requires an eternal life to bring it out.

God bless!

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Attitude Is A Difference Maker

The word attitude is a very confusing, for example. when someone says you are giving me an attitude, you would just assume that it’s a negative attitude then what about positive attitude. If you are giving someone a positive attitude that person won’t say anything. Maybe people should also tell if we are giving them a positive attitude and they should be specific whether it a negative or positive attitude.

First lets define an attitude

Attitude is an inward feeling expressed by an outward behaviour

Now lets look where does attitude come from?

Personality – who you are, we are different even if we are brothers and sisters but we are different, our fingerprints are different.

Environment – what surrounds you, the environment you are exposed, to have an impact e.g. divorce or death

Expression of others – This is the expression from people around you, especially teachers when they make positive or negative comments.

Self-image – how you see yourself – poor self image or poor attitude work hand in hand

Exposure – to opportunities , attending courses/attending workshop and reading books

Association – associate with peers – wrong crowd, low moral character

Beliefs – what you think, thoughts you have shape your life

Choices – change inside, it is a choice – choose to be happy , decide what you need, choose friends or your husband or wife

Now lets look what attitude can not do for you

Someone would say attitude is only difference between success and failure, if you can believe, you can do it or make it happen, a dream alone can not bring success.

Your attitude can not substitute your competence – confidence is the function of attitude and competence is the function of ability.

Your attitude can not change facts for e.g you can not change your height

Attitude can not substitute your personal growth – stop waiting for the man you want to become and be the man you want to be right now.

Your attitude can not stay good automatically, you have to remind yourself that today I am going to have a great attitude, have friends who will remind you about your attitude.

What attitude can do for you

“I can not choose what is happening to me but I can choose what is happening in me”

Your attitude makes a difference in your approach to life (expect great things in life)

Your attitude makes a difference in your relationships with people. (how you perceive yourself) and you must have elevator principle – uplifting others and learning principle – learning from others

Your attitude makes a difference on how you face challenges in life. (in life there are challenges or problems and they are inevitable what does not kill you, makes you stronger)

Your attitude is the difference maker (how you see the world)

How to make your attitude your greatest asset

The attitude you possess, it is your responsibility and no one else’s, look where you are and look at yourself objectively.

Identify problem feelings about yourself

Where you feel most negative about yourself

Identify problem feeling about others

What negative thoughts consistently have in your mind – negative thoughts leads to negative beliefs.

“Do not let discouragement get inside of you, it will destroy you inside out, if you believe in yourself, see discouragement as temporary set back, you will bounce back”

Yes attitude is for sure a difference maker and success is waiting for you out there.

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Why Don’t People Achieve Their Goals

Most people set huge goals and at the same time they feel overwhelmed, they forget to write their goals and to regularly review them, and finally to break them into sub-goals with time frames. Yet research suggests that less than 5% off the population tend to be wealthier and perform significantly better in fields as diverse as sport and business.

Yet most of us have had goals at one time or another that came to nothing. Why? There are six main reasons.

Number 1: Most people don’t achieve their goals because they don’t have any. Or at least, they don’t have clear, well-formulated goals. They’ve just got some vague notion of what would be nice. (I see people who don’t know where they’re going and are prepared to go through hell to get there!)

Number 2: They had goals once, but they failed to achieve them, so they gave up. These people don’t realise that success usually only happens after a string of setbacks. Failure is only terminal when you don’t get up. Entrepreneurs fail on average 3.8 times before they finally succeed. Ironically, not achieving your goal is often the best lesson you can get for achieving it next time. That’s if you’re prepared to learn the lesson.

Number 3: They set a goal that deep down they don’t believe they can achieve. If you don’t believe it’s possible, you can do affirmations and visualizations until you’re blue in the face, it’s unlikely to happen. You’ve got to build your self-belief.

Number 4: They set a goal that they don’t really want or want enough. If it doesn’t fire you with passion, you’ll have no reason to put in the hard work necessary to achieve any great goal. Desire is the fuel that drives your follow-through. You’ve got to really want it.

Number 5: They put their faith in their goal-setting plan rather than in themselves. Correct goal setting may just be the most powerful tool you have to get what you want, but it is just that, a tool. You are the real power, you are the success strategy you’ve been waiting for. The truth is goals don’t work. You work. But working without goals is like sailing the high seas without a sail – wherever you think you’re headed, you’re going to land up somewhere else. When you set your goals, you set your sail. But you’ve still got to do the sailing.

Finally, the reason people don’t achieve really big goals is because they have, really small thoughts. The size of your accomplishments is directly proportional to the size of your thoughts. The thing is big thoughts and little thoughts take up the same brain space, so why not go big?

In setting  your goals don’t underestimate what you’re capable of. Maybe you think you don’t have the intelligence, well both Einstein and Edison were kicked out of school because they were thought to have learning disabilities. Maybe you’re concerned that you don’t have enough formal education. Of the world’s top ten richest people they have three degrees between them. Let’s face it, the world is run by dropouts, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Ellison of Oracle and Richard Branson of Virgin are just a few of the worlds’ business leaders who never completed their formal education. Maybe you’re concerned that you don’t have enough experience. Neither do first presidents of great nations. Think about it, when someone is first elected president of a country, they arrive with zero experience of leading a Nation, most of them manage, they draw on the expertise of the people around them and they learn as they go along.

Maybe your goals seem too ambitious, or perhaps even impossible. Well the impossible is only impossible until somebody makes it possible. Few people thought that a heavier than air flying machine was possible. In 1903 the New York Times implied that an attempt to create and fly such a machine would be a waste of time and money, that such an invention would most likely take the combined efforts of thousands of the world’s top scientists and as many as quote: ‘ten million years.’ Yet months later Orville and Wilbur Wright – uneducated, unknown, and unfunded – flew their plane “Flyer 1” over the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, flying right through the smoke screen of impossibility.

How did they do it? They were clear about what they wanted and they developed a plan to achieve it. What do you want? What kind of body, bank account, business or relationship? On what great adventure do you want to embark? Get a clear objective and a plan and you can have it. The size of a building depends on the size of the foundation. A great life needs a great foundation. Your goal achievement plan is that foundation.

During the Middle Ages a traveller came upon a large building site. He asked a couple of workers: ‘What are you doing?’ The one grunted back: ‘I’m cutting stone. It’s hard, boring and my back is killing me.’ The other responded, with shining eyes, as he pointed up to the heavens: ‘I’m building a cathedral!’

What is your cathedral? What is your great, big hair-raising goal?

A group of people over the age of ninety were asked what they most regretted about their lives. The two most common responses were ‘I didn’t take enough risks’ and ‘I didn’t reflect enough’. Why not take out three hours of your life to reflect on the calculated risks required to sow the seeds of your greatness?

This is an opportunity for you to take risks, do not allow your age or your fear or your thoughts to limit you.

Stay blessed!

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Not every closed door is locked

When I was working for Auditor-General in 2006, our major clients are government departments and my client was Dept of Provincial and Local Government, now is  called COGTA. On Friday afternoon, my manager called me and said that on Monday morning 9:00, we are going to have a meeting so I would like you to draft an agenda raising all the issues that you are experiencing about your client and I want it at 08:00 before the meeting.

I said okay, no problem, we were five members  in a team sharing the office and we had only one key for the office, so I chose one team member who will help me to draft the agenda and I told him that we should meet on Monday at 07:00 to draft the agenda and I gave him the key.

Come Monday, I arrived at office at 06:50 and door was closed, usually when there is someone in the office, we leave the door opened, because the door is closed, I assumed that my colleague has not arrived yet then I said let me give him ten minutes and I waited patiently. Now is 07:00, and I said because is Monday maybe there is traffic, let me give him another 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, there was no sign of him and I waited and waited, now I am getting angry at my colleague for not coming in on time and by 07:30 my blood was boiling, and now I was afraid that my manager is going to kill me, so I had every reason to be upset. I wrote a note, which I planned to slip under the door to let him know that I had been there earlier and I was going to the library to read newspapers.

I walked to the office door. While slipping the note under it, I heard the phone ring in the office. This angered me even more, thinking that my manager is calling during our absence. To my surprise I heard my colleague answering the phone and he had been there all along and had come to the office earlier than I. All the time I was waiting looking at the closed door, he had been inside waiting for me. The door was closed, but not locked! I learnt a crucial lesson that day: not every closed door is locked.

 “You will never know if the door is locked until you turn the handle”

“Please come in closed on account of weather”

How many opportunities have passed you because they presented as closed doors? You will never know if the door is locked until you turn the door handle

The doors of career, relationship may be closed on account of certain circumstances. Get closer to your situations and you may realize that they are not as critical as you may have thought.

“Things will never shift in favour until you make a move”

I went to a shopping mall recently and paid special attention to everything. As I approached the mall, it’s doors automatically slid open for me, and I repeated the experience. I then stood outside the mall for a while, watching people go in and out.

I noticed that the sliding doors were designed to stay closed. And they remained that way until you made a move towards them. I learnt another lesson that some things will never move in your favour until you make a move.

 “Never give up”

Joy, peace and prosperity await you on the other side of the door, If you belong there, true spirit will lead you there. Whatever was meant to be yours, will be! But it is required of you to have faith and stay focused.

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How to set a goal

Knowing how to set and achieve goals is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial skills you can develop during your lifetime. Without goals you end up leading a much different kind of life, often filled with ongoing boredom and dissatisfaction. Setting goals that encourage you to stretch and become greater in every facet of your life, on the other hand, leads to increased

satisfaction and fulfillment in both your professional and personal endeavors. Of course, it’s not just the setting of goals that is important, is it? You’ve probably set thousands of goals throughout your lifetime. How many of them have you followed through and achieved? Sadly, many people achieve only a fraction of the goals they set for themselves. Why is that? Are they lacking in strength and willpower?

Do they choose the wrong goals, or simply not have the determination to see them through? Surprisingly, most often the culprit is the lack of a clear, achievable plan. You see, effective goal-setting is simply a skill! It can be learned – even if you’ve never had success setting and achieving goals in the past. The problem for many people is that they have never been shown how to set themselves up for success – so they encounter obstacles and eventually give up before they ever achieve their goals. Does this describe your previous experiences with goal-setting too? Understand one thing: your previous “failures” have nothing to do with your capabilities, strength, or potential. You simply didn’t have the right tools and mind-set to succeed at the time. You had the right destination in mind, but someone gave you the wrong map!

There are numerous benefits to be gained from a lifetime commitment of consistent goal

achievement, but here are a few of the biggest ones:

1) Clarity and purpose.

Goal-setting forces you to examine your current life circumstances and take an active role in choosing what you want to experience. Rather than sitting idly by while external influences determine your quality of life, you recognize your power to choose and create more meaningful, enriching circumstances. The result: increased clarity and purpose in every aspect of your life! No longer will you experience that hollow ache of dissatisfaction and helplessness. You know exactly what you want, and you believe in your ability to make it happen.

 2) Ongoing personal and professional development.

How easy it is to forget that life is not meant to be static! In order to live truly fulfilling lives, we need to consistently grow, evolve and improve ourselves, both personally and professionally. Imagine how bored we’d be if nothing ever changed! Would you be happy if you still held the same job you had in high school? Or still drove the first car you ever had? You are not the same person you were ten years ago – or even one year ago! Goals are necessary if you want to keep growing and developing. When you work consistently on strengthening your skills, talents, capabilities and aspirations in life, you enter into a process that keeps your life circumstances fresh, new and ever more exciting! You not only gain a stronger appreciation for your true potential in life, you also end up feeling much more in control of who you are and who you want to become eventually.

3) Greater fulfillment and satisfaction in all areas of your life.

When you know how to effectively set and achieve goals, you’ll never end up stuck in dissatisfying circumstances again! You’ll be able to create a career you love, rampant success in everything you do, and healthy relationships that add great meaning and joy to your life. Your life will become a fantastic journey of fun, empowerment, joy, love, and fulfillment. You won’t be able to help but feel happy and excited about who you are and all you are capable of!

The following steps should be taken when setting goals:

Assess your current situation

What do you really want?

What is the essence behind the desire?

Before setting a goal, you should first assess your current situation in order to identify which area of your life you want to improve or change such as your:




Health and Fitness

Mental/Emotional; and


There are three terms for setting goals:

Short-term goal: within few months

Mid-term goal from 6 months to a year

Long-term goal more than a year

 “Note that a goal should have a timeframe”

Qualities of an achievable goal

Goals should be specific:

e.g. Do not set a goal about making more money or lose weight, these are general aspirations, instead be specific about the outcome and day by day actions that will create the outcome.

Goals should be measurable:

e.g.You should be able to point to specific benchmarks that confirm that you are moving forward, most benchmarks will be external clues and signs such as increased income. Do you feel like you are making progress? Are you consistently stepping out of your comfort zones and taking action towards your goals? If so, you are making a progress.

Goals should be positive:

e.g.Try to avoid setting a goal with a negative focus, instead turn any negative view into a positive one, rather than setting a goal to quit smoking, you may want to set a goal to become healthy and energetic non-smoker. The way this goal is worded creates a much different picture in your mind.

Goals should be worded in present tense:

e.g.Rather than saying I will loose 130 kg in six months time, try wording like this, I am loosing 2 kg per week, and I’m feeling lighter and healthier every day.

Planning and preparation

Now that you have a good idea of the goals you want to work toward, it’s time to start breaking them down as far as possible and forming a clear plan of action for achieving them. Since we are focusing on one or two goals at a time in this course, you may want to choose a goal that wouldn’t be terribly difficult to achieve. After you’ve worked through the process and achieved a simple goal, you will be much more confident about repeating the same process on

larger and more strenuous goals.

Now, consider whether your goal is comprised of smaller segments. For example, if your goal is to lose 25 pounds, you will obviously not lose all 25 pounds at once – you’ll lose a pound or two at a time. You might decide that your 25 pound goal could be broken down into a weekly weight loss goal of 2 pounds per week for twelve and half weeks. Another example: if your goal is to quit smoking, you may decide to taper off slowly over a period of a few weeks and set a date for

total cessation. You’ll find that the majority of goals can be broken down into smaller consecutive goals that will

lead you to the completion of the larger goal.

Preparing for obstacles

In addition to having a clear plan in place, you will also want to plan ahead for possible obstacles you might face as you proceed. We call this “Plan B.” This is not something that’s fun to think about, because when most of us set goals we’re overly optimistic that everything will fall into place perfectly. If only it always worked like that! You can probably remember at least a few of your previous goals that were completely derailed because you ran into an obstacle that you didn’t know how to work through, right? This is one major reason why some people never reach the goals they set for themselves.

Very often, the only difference between success and failure is being prepared! If you can think ahead and be ready for possible obstacles and challenges you may face while pursuing your goal, you will empower yourself with the ability to overcome them quickly and eagerly. While it’s not possible to predict every possible obstacle you’ll face, preparing as much as you can is a good idea because you’ll have a stronger level of determination from the get-go, rather than unrealistic expectations.

Remember too that there are usually two types of obstacles:

1) Obstacles caused by external influences

Outer obstacles are usually related to things beyond your control, like circumstances or events that block progress on the path you’ve chosen. You may think it’s impossible to plan effectively for these kinds of obstacles; since they are usually beyond your control, that means your goals and plans are doomed if you encounter one, right? Not necessarily! Very often, it’s your own reaction to these obstacles that determines their outcome. If you’ve planned and prepared ahead of time for alternate actions (rather than banging your head against the wall in frustration!) you’ll likely be able to work around them with a minimum of effort.

2) Obstacles that come from within you

Inner obstacles can often be more daunting than the outer ones! You may believe that you’re fired up and ready to make progress on your goals, but suddenly discover one day that you’ve got some inner resistance or limiting thoughts popping up and before you know it, you’ve stalled. Preparing for this possibility beforehand gives you the clarity and self-awareness you need to notice any tendencies toward self-sabotage – and nip them in the bud before they cause major problems.

Commitment and consistency

As you proceed with your goals, you should keep the following points in mind:

Commit not only to the end results but the action steps that will get you there

Believe in yourself, your capabilities and your potential

Behold the power of momentum

Beware of self-sabotage and that includes procrastination,excuses and distractions

Motivating key is to visualize the end results daily, keep pumping yourself up and relish the satisfaction of progress.

Have a goal partner

The partner will be there to:

Support you

Remind you of your goals and plans

Encourage you

To push you

To be honest with you

To be committed in helping you

“Hope you enjoyed this article”

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Love what you do and do what you love

After passing my standard 10 from high school, I did not know which career path to take, so I went for career guidance at the University of Technology and when I arrived there, I wrote an assessment test through the computer, answering questions. After I have completed the assessment test, they marked my test and I was given a feed back and they told me that the career path that I should take is Marketing or Business Management Qualification, then I said no, I would go for Internal Auditing Qualification and I registered for Auditing, and studying it was very interesting.

When I graduated from University of Technology for Internal Audit Qualification, I was very happy, looking forward to the corporate world. I got the internship in 2004 and I was very happy for getting the experience, but while I was working, I asked myself a million dollar question, that do I really enjoy what I am doing inspecting documents? and I said yeah I do, I am an Auditor. I was in my internship for twelve months and during the first six months I was assessed for performance appraisal, my supervisor gave feedback and she was very honest with me, she told that Auditing was not for me and I disagreed with her and I told her that I love auditing. She said okay if you are sure that you love it then I will not inform the director to remove you.

After my internship, my contract was not extended and after two months I got another auditing job at Auditor-General which was a contract of five months while working I could feel that I am just working for paying the bills and inside I was not fulfilled and ask myself that am I going to do this job for rest of my life? Truly speaking I was not happy inside and I did not what would make me happy. People would ask what kind job are doing and I would say I am an Auditor proudly, but deep inside I am dying and confused.

I convinced myself that may be along the way I will enjoy auditing, Auditor-General did not extend my contract so I had to leave, on my last day at work which was Friday, I received an interview call from another auditing company called “Sithole Incorporated CA” and they told me to come immediately, then I packed my things and said goodbyes to everyone and I left with peace and I attended the interview which I was invited, when I arrived there, they called me to their boardroom and interviewed, on my way back from the interview, I received a phone call from the company that interviewed that I got the job and I should start on Monday and I was very excited about the news.

I worked for “Sithole Incorporated CA” for five months but it was a permanent position, I did not stay that long in that company because they did not comply with certain requirements then I applied for another job in my previous company which was Auditor General and they gave me a contract of six months and I worked for a period of six months after six months, they extended it to another six months and I worked for two and half year on a contract basis, but something was missing inside of me, I was not really happy or love the job I was doing. It was merely for the sake of paying the bills but there was no enjoyment in my heart.

I kept on asking myself what kind of career that I should do to find fulfillment and there was no answer and after two years of working for Auditor-General, I got a promotion at Department of Home Affairs, I was very excited and I bought a car, but my excitement did not last for so long, I became frustrated with my job, during the year 2008, one of my friends borrowed me the book, the title of the book was “The Secret” I read the book discovered that thoughts are things and it also talked about meditation if you are looking for answers.

I started to meditate every morning and I started to read more motivational and spiritual books, and I started to talk about motivational topics, telling my friends about thoughts and energy you send out that what you receive back. One day I told my partner that I want to change a career to become a motivational speaker and she was not even surprised, she told me that she has realized that these days I am talking about motivation and spiritual things, and she was very supportive.

After realizing that I want to become a motivational, I started to serve the internet, checking on how to become a motivational speaker, the first thing that I have discovered is an association called Toastmasters and that is where they teach about public speaking and leadership skills. I register with them, now I started to feel fulfilled and excited; and even now as I am writing this article I am fulfilled.

On my first day at toastmasters, I made my first speech I was voted the best speaker, that was the good sign for me, I realized that I love my new career, currently, I am practicing public speaking and I am also entering competitions within toastmaster, I can’t wait to build myself development company. I can say I love what doing and I am doing what I love, and I am fulfilled. I just have to be patient with myself in order to become the best motivational speaker, because if I am not patient with myself, I will become a patient.

Wisdom lies not in giving the right answers, but in asking the right questions.

I asked myself the following questions, which are generic in nature. Ponder over them and try to restructure them to suit your particular situation:

If I was not already doing it, would I start doing it today? Is there anything in my life that, knowing what I now know, I would not get into again today?

If I were a follower, would I follow me?

If I did not own it, why would I buy it? (If I did own it, why would someone buy it?)

Would I work for this person that I am interviewing?

Can I go home and be proud of this decision? Will I be happy with it in five years’ time?

What am I prepared to die for?

If I had everything and did not have to work to earn a living, but had to work to make a difference, what would my work be?

Why was I born?

Who am I?

What is my God-given talent?

What is it that I should not die without having done?

Every has got a gold inside, but we should take our time to find it.

“Fulfillment is in living for what you are prepared to die for”











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How to love yourself unconditionally

Most of the times we want people around us to love us but we fail to love ourselves. We compare ourselves with other people around us and we look at ourselves with inferiority complex, we do not feel secure in our own mind. We always need other people’s approval before we can start doing something. But we forget that we have been created through God’s image, therefore we should see ourselves they way God sees us. Let us stop loving ourselves with conditions or limitations. God loves us therefore we love ourselves fully.

The following six steps will indicate how you much love yourself:


First of all, we have to accept that we are capable of love-pure, unconditional and selfless love. We have to express this kind of love in our life in order to live fully. Loving yourself start with the way you perceive yourself, you have to accept yourself the way you talk, walk and the way you look; when you look yourself in a mirror, say great things about yourself and kiss yourself if you have to.

If you do not feel good about yourself, then you won’t be able to feel good about other people and you will not treat yourself with dignity. You must be able to enjoy your own company, I do not mean to isolate yourself from other people but when you are alone enjoy it and fall in love with yourself.


You should know that thoughts are things, everything that you see around you, it started with a thought, it may be a chair, a car and even cloth that you are wearing. Be careful of how you thing every day, if you think positive or negative thoughts, they will affect you and you will act according to your thoughts; and your actions will create a character.

The universe responds the way we think, you will attract situations, circumstances and people in accordance with your thinking. Do not allow your mind to be an auto pilot, you must control your thoughts, when you feel sad, you should know that you are thinking negative thoughts.

Be careful of what you deposit in your mind, because you will withdraw what you have deposited. Improve your thoughts and improve your deeds. Thoughts shapes our world and designs our destiny, thoughts paves our path to prosperity or poverty; thoughts determines whether a person will be happy or unhappy.

To master your thoughts you set some time aside and meditate at least 10 minutes. When you are in trouble, do not stop to think, if you stop to think, you start to stink. If you are having negative thoughts all the time, you like someone who is drinking alcohol every time trying to ignore his/her problems.

Self-talk treasure your words

Words are spirits, therefore treasure your words, self talk is about saying great things to yourself; look yourself in the mirror and say I am awesome, I am unique, I am God’s image and I can achieve anything. If you are a student and you say that you can’t pass a particular subject, it is difficult, you are right because you will never pass it, you have confessed.

Sometimes our self talk is affected by our parents; parents would say to their children, you will amount to nothing and as a child you will believe that and look at yourself with inferiority; and that will affect yourself talk. Stop listening to yourself and talk to yourself to change your inner voice to positive.


We have to learn to forgive ourselves and forgive everyone else, especially those who have hurt us in the past. When we have made mistakes, we should learn from them and forgive ourselves. Learning to forgive is not a choice, it is a necessity.

When we forgive we free ourselves from pain and we will be able to move forward. Some people when they are hurt, they would say I would rather die before I forgive you, they usually do, they take their hurts to the grave. When you forgive someone, you release that person from your system and feel free.

We should live by the following steps:

Acknowledge that you are hurting.

Check if you do not have a share in the conflict, no matter how small. If there is any share forgive yourself.

Be thankful that the hurt you experiencing is not bigger than it is.

Choose to forgive.

Be committed to your choice by resisting any temptation to justify un-forgiveness.

Communicate and clear the air.

Pursue restoration-if nothing changes, don’t push it, it’s not your duty-release the person.

Let go of the past, move on and embrace the future.

“Remember that not every closed door is locked”

Goal setting

Setting a goal is a skill that one should develop during a life time. We should set goals that encourages us to stretch and become greater in every facet of our life, and that leads to increased satisfaction and fulfillment in both our profession and personal endeavors.

If you stop growing, you start dying, stagnation inhibits progress. During pursuing your goals there would obstacles and 80% of them they would come from within such as self sabotage or limiting thoughts to overcome that you should practice positive self talk and take action, the universe rewards those people who take action.

Time management

Time management is a skill that one should learn, time is money, all the money was made in a space of time then if you mis-manage time, you are mis-managing money. If you respect time, you will develop a good relationship with people around you. Identify your productive time is that time when you fruitful spend this time creatively.

“If life is lived in a space of time, then mis-managing time is mis-managing life”

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